Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions ("Terms") apply to the Google’s Online Challenge ("Online Challenge") sponsored by Google LLC and/or its affiliates (“Google”). Please read these Terms carefully as they form a binding legal agreement between you and Google with respect to the Online Challenge. 

  1. Eligibility and Requirements to Participate. 

    1. Ineligible Individuals. You are not eligible to participate in the Online Challenge if you are:

      1. Under 16 years of age at the time of registration.

      2. A citizen, national, or permanent resident of an embargoed territory; ordinarily resident in an embargoed territory; or otherwise prohibited by applicable export controls and sanctions programs; or

      3. A current employee, intern, contractor, officer, or director of Google or any of its affiliates.

    2. Inside Information. If you gained information on a problem by working as an employee, intern, Google-managed program participant, contractor, director, officer, or other official office-holder of Google, or if you acquired information on a problem from any of the above categories of individuals, you must notify Google immediately by emailing If you fail to notify Google about your inside information, your results may be disregarded and your application may be adversely affected.

    3. Proof of Eligibility. Google reserves the right to verify your eligibility and ask for proof of eligibility at any time. 

    4. Frequency. If you have been invited to take the Online Challenge in connection with a job application, and you have taken the same type of challenge within the prior six (6) months and the questions have not been updated, you are exempt from the Online Challenge and your previous results will be shared with the team instead. If you are invited to the Online Challenge in connection with a student program, you may be asked to take the Online Challenge both before and after the program. 

    5. Communications. All communications between Google and you, including the Online Challenge website and email communications, must be in English.

  2. How to Enter. 

    1. Invitation. Please note that the Online Challenge is by invitation only. Forwarding your unique Online Challenge ID and password is prohibited. 

    2. Registration & Participation

      1. To enter the Online Challenge, you must register at the Online Challenge website and provide the required information about yourself. You must register individually to each Online Challenge to which you are invited. 

      2. Challenge schedules are listed on the Online Challenge website. You are responsible for determining the corresponding time in your time zone. 

      3. You may only register for the Online Challenge with one valid email address. If you compete in the same Online Challenge with multiple email addresses, you will be disqualified. 

      4. You are not registered for the Online Challenge unless you receive a registration confirmation email from Google. 

      5. If you think you registered for the Online Challenge but did not receive a confirmation email, please email

      6. If you miss the Online Challenge please note the same challenge cannot be rescheduled or postponed for individuals. The team may contact you if they find your profile suitable for similar or other roles in the future. 

    3. Technical Requirements. In order to enter the Online Challenge, you must have access to a stable Internet connection and a valid email address.

    4. Special Accommodations. If you require any special accommodations to participate in the Online Challenge, please complete the Special Accommodations Form at least 24 hours before the round window. You must complete the form at least 24 hours before the round in order for our team to be able to process your request and provide any applicable accommodations. Please do not provide any specific information about your disability or accommodations request via email. 

    5. Future Contact. In order to be contacted after the Online Challenge, you must agree to provide your name, phone number, a valid postal address, and any other information Google may need to invite you for an interview or program.

  3. Online Challenge Structure.

    1. Overview. Each Online Challenge consists of one or more rounds as may be more fully described on the Online Challenge website. In each round you will be asked to solve a number of multiple choice or coding questions within a time limit. The schedule for each challenge will be listed in the invitation email as well as the Online Challenge website. You will be able to access the problems on the Online Challenge platform once the round begins. 

    2. Online Challenge Types. The Online Challenge duration will vary (30 to 60 minutes) depending on the type of questions relevant to the role or program. The questions will cover one or more of the following areas:

      1. General Cognitive Ability: series of logical reasoning and problem solving questions that will help us gain a better understanding of your problem solving skills (multiple choice);

      2. Role Related Knowledge: series of role related questions that will help us gain a better understanding of your technical skills (multiple choice); and/or

      3. Coding: series of coding questions or puzzles that will help us understand your level of coding capability (programming questions - for tech roles only) 

    3. Submissions. You must submit your answers for questions through the Online Challenge platform. You should submit your solutions with enough time remaining in each time period to avoid latency issues between your computer and the platform servers. Solutions submitted after the applicable time period expires will not be accepted. 

    4. Modifying the Online Challenge. Google may cancel or modify the structure, location, and times of the Online Challenge at its sole discretion. 

  4. Disqualification. 

    1. You may be disqualified from the Online Challenge, or your application may be adversely affected, if Google has evidence that you have attempted to undermine the legitimate operation of the Online Challenge, including:

      1. Providing false information about yourself during registration or concerning your eligibility;

      2. Breaching or refusing to comply with these Terms;

      3. Tampering or interfering with administration of the Online Challenge or with the ability of other Online Challenge contestants to participate in the Online Challenge;

      4. Sharing or using from others any information about a problem (including its content or solution) unless expressly permitted by these Terms;

      5. Submitting content that:

        1. violates the rights of a third party,

        2. is lewd, obscene, pornographic, racist, sexist, or otherwise inappropriate to the Online Challenge, or

        3. violates any applicable law.

      6. Threatening or harassing other Online Challenge participants or Google, including its employees and representatives. 

  5. Ownership; Rights in Your Submissions; Privacy.

    1. License to Use Content; Reservation of Rights; Confidentiality. You may use the content made available on the Online Challenge website solely to prepare for and compete in the Online Challenge. Google retains all rights in such code and content not explicitly granted by these Terms. In addition, by participating in the Online Challenge, you agree to keep all Online Challenge problems and questions confidential and not to share or discuss them with anyone, including members of other teams within Google, without advance written permission from the Google Online Challenge team.

    2. Ownership of Submissions. You retain all rights to your submissions that you had before submitting them to the Online Challenge.

    3. License to Submissions. For any submission you make to the Online Challenge, you grant Google a non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, free license (with the right to sublicense) to reproduce, prepare derivative works of, distribute, publicly perform, publicly display, and otherwise use such submission.

    4. Privacy.

      1. How Google Will Use Your Information. Google will use the information you provide during registration and in any subsequent communications to administer the Online Challenge and consider your candidacy for employment, your application for a student program, and/or your developmental progress in a student program. This data may be transferred into the United States and will be maintained in accordance with Google's Privacy Policy.

      2. Accessing Your Information. You may request to access, review, and update any of your personal data held by Google in connection with the Online Challenge by emailing Your request will be processed in accordance with applicable law. 

  6. General.

    1. Not an Offer or Contract of Employment.

      1. You acknowledge that your participation in the Online Challenge is voluntary. While Google may consider your Online Challenge results if you have applied for a position with Google, no interviews are promised or guaranteed as a result of participating in the Online Challenge. The Online Challenge team is not able to share Online Challenge results or information about application status with any applicants for Google roles. 

      2. You understand and agree that nothing in these Terms, nor a submission to the Online Challenge, may be construed as an offer or contract of employment with Google. You also acknowledge that no confidential, fiduciary, agency or other relationship or implied-in-fact contract now exists between you and Google and that no such relationship is established by your participation in the Online Challenge.